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In-runner 28mm BLDC Motor


Industrial Machines, Vending Machines, HVAC , Computer Peripherals, Automation, Military equipments


QI Series Motors are Brushless DC inrunner motors with 28mm diameter. In these BLDC Motors a very compact driver mounted on back side of motor with facility of Forward/Reversed, PWM FUNCTION & Taco output functions as default. These motors are available in different speed and different voltage on special request. This motor is available in bush bearing with life of => 5000 Hrs. These Motors are used in combination with many Mechtex gearheads. Depending on the application, output speed, load applied etc the type of gearhead can be selected. Various types of gears i.e poly acetal, sintered iron, brass & steel gears can be used based on the load considerations. Poly acetal or sintered gears usually are used for noise dampening & complete poly acetal gears are used when the output torque required is less. All bearings are permanently lubricated and therefore require no maintenance.

Standard Data

Motor type   Brushless dc motor
Ambient temperature operation   -20 to +105 °C
Storage & Transport Temperature   -25 to +110 °C
Combination with Mechtex Gear Series   GB5P/5H,GB 38OCP, GB B/C/L, GB 3/4/7/8,
Standard motor voltages V 24,12 volts
Weight g 86
Insulation Class   E
Electrical Enclosure IP 40
Mounting   By snap clip or by screws
Life expectancy   > 2000 hours @ Rated Torque
Direction   Reversible



Technical Data

  Physical data No load data Data at Rated Torque Stall
Model No. Dim. mm Voltage Speed No-Load Speed Current Torque Effic. Power Power Torque Current
  Dia x height V DC RPM Current A RPM Amps Ncm -96 W(out) W(in) Ncm A
BI283860 28 X 38 12 6000 0.18 4800 0.7 1.3 7896 6.5 8.4 4.5 1.8
BI283860 28 X 38 24 6000 0.1 4965 0.466 1.6 7196 7.94 11.18 8.1 1.8

Pin Configuration

Pin No. Single I/O Remark
1 Vcc IN Positive Supply 12/24Vdc
2 GND IN Supply Ground
3 Hall Sensor Output OUT VOH-2.5 Open Collector Output 3 Pulses/Rotation
4 Direction Selection (CW/ CCW) In Input voltage (0-5.0V),VIH- Min 2.5V,VIL-Max 0.6V
Logic High = 5Vdc Logic Low = 0Vdc Logic High = CCW Logic Low = CW
5 Speed Contol
In PWM Frequency 20Khz- 30Khz
Input voltage (0-5.0V),VIH- Min 2.5V,VIL-Max 0.6V. Motor rotate while pwm pin is floating.

Dimensional Drawing