Planetary Gearhead - 0.5 to 3.5 Nm


Planetary Gearhead - 0.5 to 3.5 Nm

Standard Data
Parameter Value Unit
Gear Type Planetary Gearhead
Gear Torque 0.5 to 3.5 Nm
Combination with Mechtex motors B128, DC28, DC30, DC32, DC38, MTR2b, B124, B032, B042 (others on special request)
Mounting 4 ~ M3X5.5 dp, PCDØ26
Axial thrust 20 N
Lateral force 40 N
Radial torque 0.8 Nm
Output bearing Powdered metal (Ball bearing on special request)
Output shafts 6mm (others on special request) Ø
Ambient temperature operation -15+55 °C
Enclosure 40 IP

Gearhead Data


Gearhead GB32P, a moderately priced gearhead, is specially designed to cater heavy duty application in a cylindrical frame with centre shaft. This is a planetary gear box with the possibility of polyacetal gears in first stage (for low noise) and remaining stages being thick metal gears. The output bearing is robust and is made of powdered metal (ball bearing on special request).The entire gearhead is permanently lubricated and therefore requires no maintenance. Brushed and Brushless DC Motors upto 36mm diameter are generally mounted on this gearhead to provide a compact and yet powerful drive

Technical Data
Parameter Value Unit
Reduction 3.71 - 938.85
Max. motor shaft diameter 6 mm
Number of stages 1 - 4
Max. continous torque 0.5 - 3.5 (Nm)
Max. efficiency 60 - 80 %
Gearhead length L1 20.6 - 39.8 mm
GB32P Dimensional Drawing
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GB32P Shaft Drawings with motor combinations
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GB32P with motor combinations
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Gearhead Data
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