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Mechtex: Global Manufacturer and Exporter of Motors

MECHTEX is a manufacturer and exporter of Synchronous Motors, Brushless DC Motors with Drivers, Pm Stepper, Hybrid Stepper Motors, Drone Motors and Gearboxes since 1967.

  • MECHTEX is an ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 Certified Association.
  • Our products are UL, CE and Reach certified which were accomplished with reliable quality and persistent Research and Development.
  • Our products are not limited to one region but are available internationally, especially in the European and American markets with our 21+ distributors.
  • Mechtex has plant size of 4,000 sq-m and can manufacture 3.5 million motors and gearboxes annually.

Our Portfolio

Industries Served


Mechtex motors play a crucial role in various defence equipments, enabling precise movements, intricate operations, and enhanced performance.


Mechtex motors are essential components in various banking equipment such as Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), Card Reader Machine, and Cash Dispenser Machine.


Mechtex motors are used in Fuel Injection Systems, Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS), and Windshield Wiper Motors, ensuring efficient engine operation to enhanced vehicle stability, and improved visibility.

HVAC System

Mechtex motors are key components in HVAC Systems for controlling airflow, managing energy, and enhancing comfort. They use Damper Blades, Blower Fan Blades, and Condensate Pumps, ensuring efficient operation and optimal performance.


Mechtex motors power various gastronomic tools such as Automated Cocktail Machines, Sushi Conveyor Belts, Rotisserie Ovens, Mini Food Processors, and Automated Pizza-Making Machines.


Mechtex Motors are used in Insulin Pumps, Surgical Drills, Robotic Surgical Systems, Blood Analyzer for revolutionizing medical treatments and improving patient outcomes.


Mechtex motors ensures precise movements in Antennas, Cameras, Lenses, and Fiber Optics for driving seamless communication and improve network efficiency.


Mechtex motors power drone propellers for smooth flight, precise maneuvering, and payload control for Aerial Photography, Inspection, and Delivery.

Our Clients


The Mechtex team helped build our complex and custom motor connector from scratch on time and with excellent quality. They were very knowledgeable in the domain and very professional. We are looking forward to working with them on an ongoing basis.
Mechtex has been outstanding to work with and has been instrumental in getting our requirements fulfilled on time and within budget. We have worked with other vendors in the past that will do what you ask for but no more and do not necessarily understand the end state and the why behind it.
Mechtex is a great consulting partner. They have shown consistency and high integrity over the course of our relationship. We are very impressed with their commitment and outstanding quality.
We are very pleased not only with the end result but with the entire process of working with Mechtex. The amount of patience, guidance, and knowledge that they displayed throughout the whole process made them a very easy and enjoyable partner to work with them.


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Our Distributors

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