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Spur Reduction Gearhead - 0.1 Nm....0.2Nm


Spur Reduction Gearhead - 0.1 Nm....0.2Nm

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Standard Data
Parameter Value Unit
Gear type Spur/Helical
Gear Torque 0.1....0.2 nm
Combination with Mechtex motors N-20 Brushed DC Motors (speed from 5000 to 30,000 rpm)
Mounting any position
Weight 25-35 g
Axial thrust 10 N
Lateral force 20 N
Radial torque 0.2 max NM
Output bearing sleeve bushings
Output shafts 3 mm Ø
Ambient temperature operation -15 + 55 °C
Enclosure 20(standard) IP
Enclosure on special request 40 (with change in profile dimensions ) IP

Gearhead GBLk contains combination of both metal and polyacetal gears to endure higher torques at moderate speed. The sturdy design of this gearhead makes it durable.This Gearhead has cross section measuring only 12 x 28 x 16 mm (0.47" x 1.1" x 0.63"). GBLk miniature gearhead is available in wide range of gear ratios from 16:1 to 1014:1.GBLk can be combined with brushed DC motors up to dia 12 mm.Versions of these gearedmotors are available with an optional extended motor shaft, which allows for fitment of encoders on it.

Technical Data
Parameter Value Unit
Voltage 24 vdc
No load Speed 15000 rpm
Dimension(Dia x Height) 12/10x20 mm
Dimensional drawing
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