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Stepper Motor 7.5°


Stepper Motor 7.5°

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Standard Data
Parameter Value Unit
Motor type Permanent Magnet (PM) stepper motor
Electrical Enclosure 40 IP
Connections Flexible leads 22 AWG, 200mm length, end striped 10mm
Life expectancy 3 Year in continuous operation
Weight 300 g
Mounting Any position by ears or screw clip

Industrial Automation Machines.


7.5° MTS7a - Permanent magnet stepper motor with simple mechanical structure. Clawpole principle (Tin Can) with 2 stator halves. Self lubricated sinteres sleeve with long life expectancy.

Technical Data
Parameter Value Unit
Steps per revolution 48
Degree/step 7.5
Winding type bipolar, unipolar
Standard Voltage 6, 12, 24 V
Resistance per winding (Bipolar) 6.8, 36, 168 Ω
Resistance per winding (Unipolar) 10, 45, 190
Winding temperature 108 max °C
Holding torque 17.1 (MTSB7a), 13 (MTSU7a) Ncm
Axial Force 5 Ncm
Lateral Force 12 N
Rotor inertia at 17.1 65 gcm2
Dimensional Drawing
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Torque Graphs
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