Inrunner Brushless DC Motor


Inrunner Brushless DC Motor


Home Automation, Office Automation, Electric vehicles

It is a Inrunner Brushless DC Motor with 10600 RPM Speed and 0.30cNm Torque. It can combined with various types of gearboxes and drivers as per requirement. It has 24mm diameter and 18mm height. These motors have a very compact inbuilt driver with features like Direction control, PWM Function & Tacho output functions.

Available at different speeds and different voltages on special request. Available in bush bearing with a life of ≥ 5000 Hrs as default. These motors can be combined with a wide range of Mechtex gearheads depending on the application, output speed & torque requirement. These motors can combined with Planetary Gearboxes and Spur Gearboxes as per requirement. 

Standard Data
Motor type Inrunner brushless DC motor
Configuration 9N-6P
Ambient Temperature Operation -20˚C to +80˚C
Storage & Transport Temperature -20˚C to +100˚C
Weight 26 g
Insulation Class E
Electrical Enclosure IP 40 (As per IEC 60529)
Life expectancy ≥5000 hours @ Rated Torque

Technical Data
Mechtex Physical data No load data Data at Rated Torque Stall
MODEL No. Dia x height Voltage Speed Current Speed Current Torque Power Torque Current
BI2418 24.2 x 18 mm 12 VDC 10600 RPM 100 mA 8000 RPM 350 A 0.3 cNm 2.5 (Out) 1 cNm 680 A
BI2418 24.2 x 18 mm 24 VDC 9000 RPM 60 mA 7550 RPM 170 A 0.3 cNm 2.3 (Out) 1.4 cNm 700 A
Other speed & voltages on special request
Pin Configurations
PIN 1 Vcc DC Supply +VE   (8-24V)
PIN 2 GND DC Supply -VE
PIN 3 FGOUT  Frequency Generated Output
PIN 4 DIR Direction Control Input
PIN 5 PWM PWM for speed control(10khz-30khz)
PIN 6 BRK Brake Input

Dimensional Drawing

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