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BI28 is a Inrunner BLDC Motor with 6000 RPM Speed and 1.6cNm Torque. It has 28mm in diameter and 38mm in height. These motors have a very compact inbuilt driver with features like Direction control, PWM Function & Tacho output functions.

Available at different speeds and different voltages on special request. Available with ball bearing with a life of ≥ 5000 Hrs as default. These motors can be combined with a wide range of Mechtex gearheads depending on the application, output speed & torque requirement. These motors can combined with Planetary Gearboxes and Spur Gearboxes as per requirement. 

Standard Data
Motor type Inrunner brushless DC motor
Configuration 9N-6P
Ambient Temperature Operation -20˚C to +80˚C
Storage & Transport Temperature -20˚C to +110˚C
Weight 86 g
Insulation Class E
Electrical Enclosure IP 40 (As per IEC 60529)
Life expectancy ≥5000 hours @ Rated Torque

Technical Data

Mechtex Physical data No load data Data at Rated Torque Stall
MODEL No. Dia x height Voltage Speed Current Speed Current Torque Power Torque Current
BI2838 28 X 38 mm 12 VDC 6000 RPM 180 mA 4800 RPM 700 A 1.3 cNm 6.5 (Out) 4.5 cNm 1.8 A
BI2838 28 X 38 mm 24 VDC 6000 RPM 100 mA 4965 RPM 470 A 1.6 cNm 7.9 (Out) 8.1 cNm 1.8 A

Other speed & voltages on special request

Pin Configurations
PIN 1 Vcc DC Supply +VE   (8-24V)
PIN 2 GND DC Supply -VE
PIN 3 FGOUT  Frequency Generated Output
PIN 4 DIR Direction Control Input
PIN 5 PWM PWM for speed control(10khz-30khz)
PIN 6 BRK Brake Input

Dimensional Drawing

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