Agriculture, Delivery, Defence, Surveillance, Mapping, Cinematography


DM 8018-A is a large drone motor. It has a KV rating of 120 KV and a thrust of 18kg making it suitable for carrying heavy payloads and maneuvering through strong winds.

It has an operating voltage of 6 - 12 S and a weight of only 650 g providing flexibility for different types of drone setups. This motor is perfect for aerial photography, videography, and other commercial applications where stability and precision are crucial. Its sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure durability and long-lasting performance. 

Technical Data
KV 120 KV 
Max Thrust 18 Kg
Rated Voltage 6-12 S
Peak Current (180 Sec.) 70 A
Max Power (180 Sec.) 3700 W
Configuration  36 N - 42 P
Weight  650 g
Shaft Diameter 10 mm
Dimension  Ø92*43 mm

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