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Standard Data

Spur Reduction Gearhead - 4Nm

Gear type :- Spur

Gear Torque :- 4Nm

Combination with Mechtex motors :- Motor MT0,MT6,MTR/S3a/3b,MTR/S-5,MTR/S4a/4b and small DC motors

Mounting :- any position

Weight :- 200g

Axial thrust :- 100N

Lateral force :- 250N

Radial torque :- 3Nm

Slipping clutches/free wheel :- available for certain ratios

Output bearing :- Sintered Bronze sleeve bushings, (Ball bearing on request)

Output shafts:- dia. 8 x 22 mm (with a flat), others on requestØ

Ambient temperature operation :- -15...+ 55°C

Enclosure :- 30IP

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