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Reversible Synchronous Motor - 250 RPM


Reversible Synchronous Motor - 250 RPM

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Standard Data
Parameter Value Unit
Motor type Reversible synchronous
Ambient temperature operation -15...+55 °C
Ambient temperature storage -20...+100 °C
Thermal class 105 °C
Electrical Enclosure 40 IP
Connections Flexible Leads 22 AWG, 200mm length; ends stripped 10 mm
Sense of rotation Indicated by lead colour (red-CW & black ACW)
Life expectancy 3 Years in continuous operation
Mounting any position
HVT As per standard IEC60034-1
Weight 300 g
Rotor stalling Motor can be stopped when voltage is applied, without being overheated
Rotor shaft Hardened steel, ground and polished
Bearings dia. 59x35 mm

Reversible power drive for actuators, pumps, label printing machines, medical and optical equipment, office machines, automatic vending machines, machine automation


The MTR7a a reversing synchronous motor with permanent magnet rotor is electrically reversible and due to its unique stator design, it is moderately priced. The rotating field is produced with a phase-shift capacitor and double-stator with coils thus ensuring extremely quiet running. Long life is guaranteed by the robust design (sintered bronze bearings, self-centering type) The MTR is operated with single-phase AC current. The same motor version can be used at 50Hz and 60Hz.

Technical Data
Parameter Value Unit
Standard Motor voltage (VN) 12, 24, 48, 110, 230 V
Operation capacitor CN 12V- 56/40, 24V- 15/50, 48V- 3.9/100, 110V- 0.68/250, 230V- 0.18/400 µF/VAC
Operation capacitor CN 12V- 39/40, 24V- 10/50, 48V- 2.7/100, 110V- 0.47/250, 230V- 0.12/400 µF/VAC
Lead colour (VN) 12V- Grey, 24V- Blue, 48V- Brown, 110V- White, 230V- Yellow
Tolerance of voltage -10...+15% of rate voltage %
Duty cycle 100 %
Rated frequency 50, 60 Hz
Power output at rated voltage 2.14, 1.94 W
Speed 250, 300 Rpm
Running torque at rated voltage 7.2 , 6.2 Ncm
Power consumption at rated voltage 5.8, 5 W
Detent torque 1.3 Ncm
Dimensional Drawing
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Connection Diagram
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