Quality Motor Manufacturer

1967 Established
Mechtex evolving from an electric clock movement manufacturer in 1967 into a hysteresis synchronous motor manufacturer
300+ Employees
Mechtex group have Top management 5 and permanent 85+ engineering & administrative staff and 250+ operators & co-workers.
50+ yrs. Experience
Mechtex group is in existence since more than 5 decades in motor & gearbox manufacturing industry.
21 Worldwide Distributors
1 Manufacturing Unit in India & 20 authorized Distributors in Europe and middle east countries.
3000Sq.m Plant Size
Mechtex having 3000Sq.m. of plant size & more than of 250,000-300,0000 pcs/month (Mixed products of plant capacity).
Our Products
MECHTEX is a manufacturer and exporter of AC Synchronous Motors, BLDC Motors, Stepper Motors, Hybrid Stepper Motors, DC Geared Motors, Reduction Gearheads, Electronic Drivers and Controllers and Drone Motors.


  • Deliver quality product: To design, manufacture and deliver superior motor and actuator solutions that exceed customer expectations in terms of performance, reliability, and value.
  • Improve Performance: To continuously improve our products, processes, and services through rigorous R&D, quality control, and customer feedback.
  • Strong Relationships: To build long-lasting partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and employees based on trust, respect, and mutual benefit.
  • Empowering Employee Potential: To foster a culture of innovation, creativity, and continuous learning that empowers our employees to realize their full potential and contribute to the success of the company.


  • To be the leading provider of high-quality and innovative motor and actuator solutions worldwide, driven by a passion for excellence, customer satisfaction, and sustainable growth.

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