About Us

1967 Established
Mechtex evolving from an electric clock movement manufacturer in 1967 into a hysteresis synchronous motor manufacturer
300+ Employees
Mechtex group have Top management 5 and permanent 85+ engineering & administrative staff and 250+ operators & co-workers.
50+ yrs. Experience
Mechtex group is in existence since more than 5 decades in motor & gearbox manufacturing industry.
21 Worldwide Distributors
1 Manufacturing Unit in India & 20 authorized Distributors in Europe and middle east countries.
3000Sq.m Plant Size
Mechtex having 3000Sq.m. of plant size & more than of 250,000-300,0000 pcs/month (Mixed products of plant capacity).
Our Products
MECHTEX is a manufacturer and exporter of AC Synchronous Motors, BLDC Motors, Stepper Motors, Hybrid Stepper Motors, DC Geared Motors, Reduction Gearheads, Electronic Drivers and Controllers and Drone Motors.


  • Be an object of desire, not just choice.
  • To be the most successful and respected Motion Drive system provider in the world.
  • If the market changed,what would we still be doing that we're doing now.


  • We will outdo ourselves
  • One look is enough to understand
  • We know what clients need. We give them what they desire
  • The competition is no benchmark
  • We play by the rules