High Torque BLDC Motor


High Torque BLDC Motor


BO62(100W) is a high-torque BLDC Motor with 4360 RPM Speed and 27.4cNm Torque. It has 60mm diameter and 36mm height. These Motors are available with sensors and without sensors. Robust Ball bearings ensure excellent service life with ≥ 5000 hours. Drivers are also available as an Add-On unit on special request. These motors are available at different speeds and different voltages on special request. These motors can combined with Planetary Gearboxes and Spur Gearboxes as per requirement. 

Standard Data
Motor type Outrunner brushless DC motor
Configuration 12N-16P
Ambient Temperature Operation -40˚C to +100˚C
Storage & Transport Temperature -60˚C to +120˚C
Weight 355 g
Electrical Enclosure IP 30 (As per IEC 60529)
Life expectancy ≥5000 hours @ Rated Torque
Technical Data

Mechtex Physical data No load data Data at Rated Torque Stall
MODEL No. Dia x height Voltage Speed Current Speed Current Torque Power Torque Current
BO6236 60 X 36 mm 12 VDC 3800 RPM 800 mA 3230 RPM 8.7 A 26.5 cNm 106 (Out) 340 cNm 111 A
BO6236 60 X 36 mm 24 VDC 4360 RPM 600 mA 3750 RPM 5.2 A 27.4 cNm 103 (Out) 438 cNm 82 A

*Other speed & voltages on special request

Available Customizations

Inbuilt driver
Customized motor speed
Dust cover (Upto IP 65**)
Customized shaft
18/26 AWG x 200mm ends tinned and stripped
Hollow shaft for robotics and gimbal applications

Dimensional Drawings

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