Mechtex DM3510 is a small drone motor designed for maximum efficiency and power. It has a KV rating of 350 KV and a maximum thrust of 2.2 kg, making it perfect for quick aerial maneuvers. It has a rated voltage of 6 to 12 S which makes it compatible with a wide range of drone models. Our lightweight motor weighs just 106 g to ensure the optimal flight performance of a drone. The compact size makes it easy to install on any drone model and makes it durable to endure all weather conditions. 

Technical Data

KV 350 KV
Max Thrust 2.2 Kg
Rated Voltage 6-12 S
Peak Current (180 Sec.) 25 A
Max Power (180 Sec.) 400 W
Configuration  12N -14P
Weight  106 g
Shaft Diameter 5 mm
Dimension  Ø 42 * 23.5 mm

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