Small Drone Engine


Small Drone Engine


Agriculture, Delivery, Defence, Surveillance, Mapping, Cinematography


DM3515 is a highly efficient, compact small drone engine. It has a KV rating of 400 KV and a maximum thrust of 2.5 Kg making it perfect for small to medium-sized drones.

It has an operating voltage of 6 - 12 S and Weighing only 153 g which making an ideal choice for drones that require a strong yet lightweight engine. This engine is also built to be durable and reliable, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors conditions. 

Technical Data
KV 400 KV
Max Thrust 2.5 Kg
Rated Voltage 6-12 S
Peak Current (180 Sec.) 36 A
Max Power (180 Sec.) 750 W
Configuration  12-14P
Weight  153 g
Shaft Diameter 5 mm
Dimension  Ø42*34.5 mm

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