DM4006 is a highly efficient and powerful brushless drone motor. It has a KV rating of 380 KV and a maximum thrust of 2.2 Kg making it capable of delivering impressive performance and contributing to a smooth and stable flight experience. It has an operating voltage of 4 - 6 S and a weight of only 68 g making it a lightweight design and ensuring that it does not add unnecessary weight to the drone, allowing for better maneuverability and longer flight times. This brushless drone motor is the perfect choice for enhancing the performance of your drone and taking your aerial photography and videography to new heights. 

Technical Data

KV 380 KV
Max Thrust 2.2 Kg
Rated Voltage 4-6 S
Peak Current (180 Sec.) 16 A
Max Power (180 Sec.) 380 W
Configuration  18 N - 24 P
Weight  68 g
Shaft Diameter 4 mm 
Dimension  Ø44.5*22 mm

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