Three-Phase Stepper Motor


Three-Phase Stepper Motor


Yarn Movement.


MTS4b is a Three- Phase Stepper Motor with step angle 15° and holding torque 5.2 Ncm with a simple mechanical structure. Clawpole principle (Tin Can) with 2 stator halves. Self-lubricated sintered sleeve with long life expectancy. These motors can combined with Spur Gearboxes as per requirement. 

Standard Data
Motor type  Permanent Magnet (PM) stepper motor
Electrical Enclosure IP 40
Connections Flexible Leads 22 AWG, 200mm length; ends stripped 10 mm
Life expectancy 3 years in continuous operation
Weight g 200
Mounting Any position by ears or screw clip

Technical Data
Steps per revolution     24    
Degree/step     15    
Winding type     bipolar    
Standard voltages 6 12 24  
Resistace per winding W 9.5 61 251  
Winding type     unipolar    
Standard voltages 6 12 24  
Resistace per winding W 15 61 251  
Winding temperature °C   105 max    
Holding torque Ncm 5.2 MTSB4b 4 MTSU4b
Axial force N   3    
lateral force N   6    
Rotor inertia g-cm2   13    

Dimensional Drawing

Dimensional Drawing of Mechtex Pm Stepper Motor - MTS4b

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