Reduction Gearbox for Electric Motor


Reduction Gearbox for Electric Motor


Timers, Chart Recorders, Potentiometer Drives, Light Displays, Hour Meters, Cam Timers, Programming Devices and Control Instrumentation.


GB4 is a sturdy reduction gearbox designed for electric motors. It delivers 5Nm gear torque and offers gear ratios from 25/3 to 10. With dimensions of 78 x 72 x 19 mm, it features heavily loaded steel gear wheels rotating on hardened and polished steel spindles. The thick output shaft rotates in durable sintered bushings and is optionally mountable on a ball bearing for added stability. 

Housed between two metal plates with a plastic frame, it's perfect for programming devices and control instrumentation. GB4 can combine with Synchronous motors, BLDC motors, PM stepper motors, DC geared motors, and ensures versatile and precise performance. 

Technical Data

Gear type   Spur
Gear Torque Nm 5
Combination with Mechtex motors   MT0, MT6, MTR/S3a/3b, MTR/S-5, MTR/S 4a/4b/D4b and small DC motors (upto 40)
Mounting   any position
Weight g 350
Axial thrust N 100
Lateral force N 300
Radial torque Nm 4
Slipping clutches/free wheel   available for certain ratios
Output bearing   Sintered Bronze, Ball Bearing on request
Output shafts Ø dia. 8 x 23 mm (with a flat), others on request
Ambient temperature operation °C -15...+ 55
Enclosure IP 30

Dimensional Drawing
Dimensional Drawing of Mechtex Spur Gearbox - GB4

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