Thick Shaft Reductin Gear


Thick Shaft Reductin Gear


Timers, Chart Recorders, Potentiometer Drives, Light Displays, Hour Meters, Cam Timers, Programming Devices and Control Instrumentation.


GBM is a Thick Shaft Reduction Gear with 15Nm Gear Torque. It can combined with various types of motors. Polished to a mirror finish. The thick output shaft rotates in robust sintered bushings. Ball bearing is also possible on request. All the gears are housed in a robust casting. All bearings are permanently lubricated and therefore require no maintenance. The first pair is helical & the first gear is made of synthetic resin-bonded fabric/polymer for low noise <45dB.

Despite being a very high torque gearhead, the cost is not very high. This gearbox is suitable for shaded pole motor(FHP)/"C" frame, BLDC & DC as well as the MECHTEX range of synchronous/ stepper motors. On special request, all gears can be hardened and then the torque can be achieved up to 50Nm (for short-term duty cycle). It can combined with BLDC Motors, Synchronous Motors, and PM Stepper Motors

Technical Data
Gear type   Spur/ Helical
Gear Torque Nm 15 Nm
Combination with Mechtex motors   FHP motors (shaded pole motor), BLDC & brushed DC & Synchronous/ Stepper motors
Mounting   any position
Weight g 820
Axial thrust N 400
Lateral force N 600
Radial torque Nm 6
Output bearing   Sintered Bronze, Ball Bearing on request
Output shafts   dia. 9.5 x 29 mm (with a flat), others on request
Ambient temperature operation °C -15...+ 55
Enclosure IP 40

Dimensional Drawing
Dimensional Drawing of Mechtex Spur Gearbox -GBM

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