1.4W Synchronous Motor


1.4W Synchronous Motor


Timers, Chart Recorders, Potentiometer Drives, Light Displays, Hour Meters, Cam Timers, Programming Devices and Control Instrumentation.


MT0 is a 1.4W Synchronous Motor with voltage 12V, 24V, 110V, 230V, speed 375 rpm and torque 0.16 Ncm. It is a unidirectional motor with a cylindrical sheet-iron stator in which the field poles form the stator ring. In combination with the auxiliary poles (provided with copper shading rings), a rotating field is generated when the coil is energized.

The rotor turns in sintered bushings requiring no maintenance. The motor shaft is polished to a mirror finish. The motor can be provided with a screw clip for fixing. These motors can combined with Spur Gearboxes as per requirement.

Standard Data
Motor type   Uni-directional Synchronous; with electrical shading 
Ambient temperature operation ºC -15 to +55
Ambient temperature  storage ºC -20 to +100
Thermal class ºC 105
Electrical Enclosure IP 40
Connections   Flexible Leads 26 AWG, 200mm length; ends stripped 10 mm
Life expectancy   3 years in continuous operation
Mounting   Any position
HVT    As per standard IEC60034-1
Weight  g 100
Rotor stalling   The motor can be stopped when voltage is applied, without being overheated
Rotor shaft   Hardened steel, ground & polished
Bearings   Sintered bronze, self-lubricating
External dimensions   Dia. 42 x 18 mm

Technical Data
Standard Motor Voltages V 12, 24, 110, 230 (others on request)
Tolerance of Voltage % -10 to +15% of the rated voltage
Duty Cycle % 100
Rated Frequency Hz 50 60
Power output at rated voltage W 0.08 0.07
Speed rpm 375 450
Running Torque at rated voltage Ncm 0.2 0.16
Power Consumption at rated voltage W 1.4 1.5

Dimensional Drawing
Dimensional Drawing of Mechtex Synchronous Motor - MT0

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