Stepper Motor Driver
Frank Pro

Frank Pro

Stepper Motor Driver

  • Suitable for a wide range of stepping motors, from NEMA frame size 17 to 34.
  • It can be used in various kinds of machines, such as laser cutters, laser markers, high-precision X-Y tables, labeling machines, and so on.
  • Its unique features make the Frank Pro an ideal solution for applications that require both low-speed smoothness and high-speed performance

Frank Pro is a 48V in-built stepper motor driver compatible with Nema 17, Nema 23, Nema 24, Nema 34 motors, and other stepper motors delivering up to 3.2 Amps of output current. This fully digital driver uses an advanced control algorithm and includes extensive protection and diagnostic features. It ensures optimal performance and reliability for stepper motors, making it ideal for various industries needing precise motor control.

Standard Data
Supply voltage up to 48 VDC
Output current up to 3.2A (RMS).
Pulse input frequency up to 500kHz
Micro step resolutions are programmable, from full-step to 1/256 step.
Optically isolated control signals. Under voltage, over current, phase error, thermal shutdown protection

Technical Data

Electrical Connections

Pin #  Function  Description
1 VM Input Voltage (8V to 48V)
2 GND Supply Ground

Phase Output

Pin # Function  Description
3 A Motor phase A
4 A'
5 B Motor Phase B
6 B'
7 FLT- Fault Output Signal
8 FLT+
9 EN- Enable input Signal
10 En+
11 DIR- Direction Input Signal
12 DIR+
13 STEP- Step Input Signal (Step frequency upto 500KHz)
14 STEP+


Parameters   Unit
Min Max
Supply Voltage 8 48 VDC
Output Current RMS Output Current 3.2 A
Peak Output Current 4.5 A
Step Input Frequency - 500 kHz
Control Signal Voltage 5 24 V
Control Signal Current 0 10 mA
Ambient Temperature -40 75 °C

Connection Diagram

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