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Name – Raj Borkar

Belongs to - India

Designation: Senior Marketing Executive

DOB: 1995-11-28

About: Raj Borkar is a Senior Marketing Executive. He has more than 6 years of experience in content writing field. He is passionate about writing content for engineering students. His writing not only simplifies  the  complex concept but also generate curiosity among engineers.

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Working Principle of Synchronous Motor

The working of a synchronous motor is based on the principle of synchronism. Synchronous motors consist of a stationary part calle...

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Revolutionizing Renewable Energy: The Fo...

Mechtex motors are an integral part of the renewable energy system including solar, wind, hydro, and biomass affirming the company...

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What is Planetary Gearbox and What are i...

Planetary Gearbox is also known as Planetary Gear or Planetary Gear Set. It consists of central gear, planet gear, and ring gear. ...

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Permeating Precision: How Stepper Motors...

Discover how mechtex pm stepper motors revolutionize medical robotics with precision and reliability, ensuring patient safety and ...

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