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Utsav Singh is a Senior Marketing Executive. He has more than 4 years of experience in content writing field. He possessed a deep knowledge about engineering concepts and terminology. He is passionate about translating intricate engineering concept into engaging  content.

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Construction of BLDC Motor

The construction of a BLDC motor contains several key components such as the stator, rotor, electronic controller and many others ...

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Working Principle of Stepper Motor

The working principle of the stepper motor is based on sequentially energising the stator winding which generates a rotating magne...

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Applications of BLDC Motor

A BLDC motor also known as a brushless DC motor is used in a wide range of applications such as electric vehicles, drones, industr...

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Types of Synchronous Motors

Synchronous motors are a type of AC motor that operates at a constant speed with the frequency of the current supply. They can be ...

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What is a DC Gear Motor

DC gear motor is a type of electric motor that combines a standard DC motor with a gearbox.

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Top 5 Differences Between Synchronous Mo...

Synchronous motors and Asynchronous motors are two different types of AC motors that differ in their operating principles, constru...

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Why BLDC Motors Are Used In Drone Techno...

One of the key components that have fueled the rapid growth of the drone industry is BLDC Motor. The BLDC motor, also known as ...

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Applications of Stepper Motor

A stepper motor is an electrical motor that converts electrical pulses into discrete angular movements. Stepper motors are used in...

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Working Principle of BLDC Motor

The working principle of BLDC motors involves the interaction of electromagnetic fields with its components to produce rotational ...

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